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Known for her found object sculptures and junk art assemblage, Debbie Pollock is a native Texan and has lived all over the world. She began as an educator, working in elementary schools as a teacher and counselor.  Once she began traveling, Debbie became obsessed with collecting odd objects.  With these items, she began creating fun art.
Debbie has a distinct style of ordered "chaos" which is indicative of her personality and experiences. Debbie has a strong eye for seeing and working with color. She gets most of her inspiration from things she loves such as gardening, animals, cultures, and adventures. 


2021-2019  Helotes Gallery of Fine + Fun Art, Helotes, Texas 

2020-2019  Comfort Provisions Horse Home Hound, Comfort, Texas 

2019-2017  Mockingbird Handprints / Blue Star Art Complex,  San Antonio, Texas


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